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2018 APS Congress

The 2018 APS Congress will be held in Sydney from Thursday 27 to Sunday 30 September 2018


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Board of Directors

The Board of Directors has the responsibility of governing the Society. The Board sets APS strategic direction and is also responsible for governing the APS’ financial viability. Members of the Board act in the interests of the membership as a whole.

The Society's constitution contains more information about the Board of Directors and its responsibilities to members.

Mr Anthony Cichello FAPS


Anthony Cichello has accrued 30 years’ experience as a psychologist working in management, executive boards, and in the community as a clinician, College Chair, Board Member, Head of Psychology and Executive Manager in the health, general practice, and private practice sectors, across three Australian States. Anthony holds membership of three APS Colleges (Clinical, Health and Counselling) and two APS Interest Groups (Psychology and Relationships, e-Psychology), and is also a member of the International Society of Schema Therapists, the International Association of Applied Psychology, and the Australian Association for Cognitive Behaviour Therapy.

Anthony is a past National Chair of the APS College of Clinical Psychologists, served as national Secretary prior to this post, and co-chaired four successful APS Clinical College Conferences. Anthony has also served on a number of other APS Committees, including the Periodicals Advisory Committee, Governance, Professional Practice Reference Committee, the Rural and Remote Psychology Taskforce among others.

Ms Ros Knight MAPS


Ros Knight is an Endorsed Clinical and Counselling Psychologist with 25 years’ experience. She has been a member of the APS for 25 years, and is a member of the Clinical and Counselling Colleges, as well as DPRET and various Interest Groups over time. She has contributed to many APS Committees over the last 12 years. Ros is currently the Clinic Director at Macquarie University's Psychology Clinic - a training Clinic for Clinical, Clinical Neuropsychology and Organisational Provisional Psychologists and coordinates a listserv of postgraduate placement coordinators from universities around Australia. She also runs a Private Practice. Ros sits on many advisory groups within industry. She has 19 years’ experience supervising psychologists in various areas of practice and has contributed to research on training, as well as developed management and teaching skills over time.

Professor Lyn Littlefield OAM FAPS

Executive Director

Lyn was appointed as Executive Director in 2001 and is a member of the APS Colleges of Clinical Psychologists, Counselling Psychologists, Community Psychologists and Organisational Psychologists. Lyn was previously the Head of the School of Psychological Science at La Trobe University where she continues to hold a professorial appointment.

She was the inaugural director of the Victorian Parenting Centre, and in 2001 received a Medal of the Order of Australia for service to the welfare of children and families and the advancement of training in the field of child, adolescent and family psychology. She is a Fellow of the Australian Institute of Company Directors and the Australian Institute of Management.

Ms Robyn Batten FAICD

Director (appointed)

Bio and image to follow

Professor Tim Carey FAPS


Professor Tim Carey is the Director of Flinders University’s Centre for Remote Health in Alice Springs. Tim has a PhD in Clinical Psychology from the University of Queensland (QLD), an MSc in Statistics from the University of St Andrews in Scotland, and is a Graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors. After he completed his PhD he spent 5 years working in the NHS in Scotland as a Chartered Clinical Psychologist. Tim has over 100 publications and has presented his work at national and international conferences. After returning from Scotland he was the Associate Professor in Clinical Psychology and the Course Convenor of the Postgraduate Clinical Psychology Program at the University of Canberra. At the Centre for Remote Health he conducts research in health service delivery, provides supervision and training on mental health issues, and has operated a clinical psychology service within the public mental health service, a Drug and Alcohol Service, a Pain Management Clinic, and an Aboriginal Medical Service. His interests in mental health include the importance of control to psychological wellbeing and service provision, improving access to services, and the historical development of our understandings of psychological distress and its treatment.

Dr Aaron Frost MAPS


Aaron Frost is the Director and Founder of Benchmark Psychology, a practice dedicated to excellence in clinical outcomes through the use of routine outcome measures and quality improvement activities. He has had a long interest in the value of mental health intervention as opposed to just the cost, and most of his research, clinical and academic activities have been focussed in that area.

Aaron also consults for small and large organisations interested in moving towards clear outcome evaluation in their work. Aaron is an accredited trainer for the International Centre for Clinical Excellence (ICCE) and the Supervisor Training and Accreditation Program (STAP) and regularly runs workshops on both achieving clinical excellence and on clinical supervision.

Mr Joseph Gagliano MAPS


Joseph has worked in psychology for over 20 years. In a previous life he worked with psychology in various areas of the airline, including organisational, EAP, Fear of Flying programmes, injured workers, consumers, passengers, Crew Resource Management and Safety. Joseph was a member of the International Aviation Psychology Association and presented at international conferences in this field. Joseph has been in private practice and has since worked in very diverse areas, including emergency services, large organisations, trauma and critical incidents, along with individual clients in many areas of psychology (anxiety, depression, workplace bullying, injured workers).

With his family and cultural background Joseph does much work in cultural and family areas, and worked with the media to enable the field of psychology to be understood in areas where psychology is not clearly understood. Joseph is very involved in assisting injured workers overcome psychological injuries caused at work, as well as difficulties in navigating the system, and continues to be very active in the various WorkCover, TAC and other compensable systems, to ensure best outcomes for injured workers. Joseph believes that each area of psychology has an important role in the overarching field of psychology, and has always worked towards that end.

Ms Mary Latham CA GAICD

Director (appointed)

Bio and photo to follow

Associate Professor Christopher Lee MAPS


Chris has worked for a decade in private practice, a decade for community and inpatient psychiatric service, and a decade in academia. He has run training workshops for therapists in Australia and overseas on approaches to PTSD and treating personality disorders. He has authored numerous articles that are well regarded as evident by his high citation rate and receiving international awards for research excellence. 

Chris was the 2011 recipient of the Australian Psychological Society’s Ian Campbell memorial award for contributions to Clinical Psychology in Australia. He is currently a principal investigator in two international multi-centred randomised controlled trials, one in treating complex PTSD and the other with Borderline Personality Disorder.

Chris worked for three years on the Federal Minister for Health’s Expert Reference Group advising on policy issues associated with Borderline Personality Disorders. He has also had numerous posts within the Australian Psychological Society. Chris’ previous roles within the APS included serving on the executive committee of the Perth Branch, where he held positions of Deputy Chairperson, Public Relations Coordinator, Newsletter Editor and Professional Development Coordinator.

Ms Ronita Neal MAPS

Director (appointed)

Bio and photo to follow

Dr Deborah Wilmoth FAPS


Deborah Wilmoth is the Clinic Director at Bond University with responsibility for the practical training (internship and externship) for the Masters in Clinical Psychology and Masters in Forensic Psychology. Deborah has over 30 years’ experience as a practicing psychologist.

Deborah has a long history of active involvement with the APS including being a past APS Board member, Secretary and Chair of the National Committee of the APS College of Clinical Psychologists, Member and Professional Development Chair for the National College of Forensic Psychologists, and serving on a number of committees including the APS Ethics Committee and the Psychology Workforce Advisory Group.

Mr Peter Zarris MAPS

Director (appointed)

Bio and photo to follow

Updates from the Board

The APS Board provides a summary of the key strategic issues discussed following each Board meeting

Past presidents and chairpersons

The full list of members who have served as president and chairpersons of the APS, since the formation of the Society in 1966