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2018 APS Congress

The 2018 APS Congress will be held in Sydney from Thursday 27 to Sunday 30 September 2018


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Fellow (FAPS)

Fellows are esteemed Members of the APS who strengthen the field of psychology and the Society through their expertise and their contributions to research, practice and/or policy. 

Members are nominated to become Fellow of the APS.

Eligibility for Fellow of the APS

To become a Fellow of the APS, you must be nominated by an APS Fellow or Honorary Fellow and meet all of the following four criteria:

  1. Engaged in psychological work for at least 10 years after becoming a Member of the APS, and
  2. Made a substantial contribution to the activities of the APS over at least five years. This could be demonstrated by evidence of:
    1. Active contributions such as editorial work for APS journals, writing submissions for the APS, representing the APS in media or public domains, participation in APS advisory or working groups, or invited contributions to specific projects.
    2. Leadership at Branch, College, Interest Group, Board of Directors or other national committee level, and
  3. Advanced knowledge of an area of psychology. This could be demonstrated by achievements in one or more of the areas listed below:
    1. Further study and publication in an area of psychology, or in areas in which psychology has application;
    2. Teaching at undergraduate or postgraduate levels in psychology and/or training that contributes to continuing professional development;
    3. Experience and practice in an applied field of psychology, and
  4. Made a substantial and innovative contribution to the advancement of psychological knowledge and/or professional psychological practice. This could be demonstrated by evidence in at least two of the following criteria:
    1. Excellence in research and its dissemination, by the clear application of the Nominee’s psychological knowledge to theoretical or applied areas of psychology;
    2. Excellence in teaching, supervision or training and innovation in course/professional development in theoretical or applied psychology;
    3. Holding positions and undertaking leadership which has substantially encouraged other psychologists:
      • in their psychological research or practice; and/or
      • by administration and leadership e.g., through supervision of Honours and postgraduate students, or professional supervision, or holding an organisational position which encourages the professional development of others;
    4. As an ambassador representing the profession or science of psychology to other professions, community groups, or in the public arena;
    5. Excellence and innovative application of the Nominee’s expertise in psychology.

How to nominate an APS Member to become a Fellow

  • Consider your colleagues who have made a substantial contribution to the APS, and to the advancement of psychological knowledge  or professional psychological practice.
  • Find out if they are interested in being nominated.
  • Complete the Fellow nomination form and submit to the APS by 30 April together with the nominee’s CV and covering letter.
  • Recruit three referees as per the requirements outlined in the guidelines. Submit three letters of reference to the APS prior to 31 May. Note that the nominator and seconder may also act as referee.​​

Application assistance

A well organised and focussed application is vital in showcasing a person’s expertise and contribution. If you would like assistance in putting together a Fellow nomination, writing a supporting reference, or advice on how best to put together a relevant CV, please contact Dr Sabine Hammond, FAPS, Executive Manager, Science, Education and Membership at the APS National Office on:

T: 03 8662 3300 or 1800 333 497
E: s.hammond@psychology.org.au

2018 Fellow nomination guidelines and forms

Fellows are exceptional Members of the APS who, through their work, have also advanced the APS and its mission.

Nominate a colleague by 30 April 2018.

Fellow nomination guidelines Fellow nomination form

Current APS Fellows (FAPS)

The current Fellows of the APS were recognised for their exemplary contributions to the APS and to the discipline and/or profession of psychology.

A - E
Dr Eugene Aidman  FAPS - 2017
Prof Alfred Allan  FAPS 
Dr Elizabeth Allworth  FAPS 
Prof Vicki Anderson  FAPS 
Prof Kaarin Anstey  FAPS 
Emeritus P Anona Armstrong AM FAPS 
Prof Martha Augoustinos  FAPS - 2017
Winthrop P David Badcock  FAPS 
Mrs Alexina Baldini  FAPS 
Assoc Prof Ian Ball RFD ED FAPS 
Dr Godfrey Barrett-Lennard  FAPS 
Dr Lawrence Bartak  FAPS 
Dr Adrienne Bennett  FAPS 
Mr Paul Bertoia  FAPS 
Mr Jeffrey Bond OAM FAPS 
Emeritus P Nigel Bond  FAPS 
Dr Mark Boschen  FAPS 
Prof Stephen Bowden  FAPS 
Dr Terence Bowles  FAPS 
Prof Gregory Boyle  FAPS 
Dr Penny Brabin  FAPS 
Ms Robyn Bradbury  FAPS 
Assoc Prof Paul Bramston  FAPS 
Dr Diane Bretherton AM FAPS 
Prof James Bright  FAPS 
Dr Coral Brown  FAPS 
Dr Jac Brown  FAPS 
Dr Patricia Brown  FAPS 
Prof Colette Browning  FAPS 
Mr Michael Burge OAM FAPS 
Prof Philip Burgess  FAPS 
Ms Zena Burgess  FAPS 
Dr Susan Burke  FAPS 
Dr Susan Burney  FAPS 
Dr Nicola Burton  FAPS 
Prof Donald Byrne  FAPS 
Assoc Prof Marie Caltabiano  FAPS 
Assoc Prof Nerina Caltabiano  FAPS 
Mr Edward Campbell  FAPS 
Mrs Rose Cantali  FAPS - 2017
Prof Timothy Carey  FAPS - 2017
Prof Anna Chur-Hansen  FAPS 
Mr Anthony Cichello  FAPS - 2017
Mrs Marilyn Cobain  FAPS 
Prof Lynne Cohen AM FAPS 
Mrs Kerrie-Ann Collings-Silvey  FAPS 
Dr Tim Connell  FAPS 
Prof Jason Connor  FAPS 
Assoc Prof Roger Cook  FAPS 
Dr Peter Cotton  FAPS 
Dr Leonie Coxon  FAPS 
Mr John Crampton  FAPS - 2017
Assoc Prof Jacquelyn Cranney  FAPS 
Dr Mark Creamer  FAPS 
Mr Arthur Crook  FAPS 
Dr Darryl Cross  FAPS 
Emeritus P Robert Cummins  FAPS 
Dr Michael Daffern  FAPS 
Ms Jacqueline Dakin  FAPS 
Dr Andrew Day  FAPS 
Dr Suzanne Dean  FAPS 
Dr Linley Denson  FAPS 
Prof Roger Dooley  FAPS 
Mrs Ailsa Drent  FAPS 
Prof Neil Drew  FAPS 
Prof Patricia Dudgeon  FAPS 
Dr Jan Ewing  FAPS 
F - K
Dr John Farhall  FAPS 
Mr Alan Farmer  FAPS 
Dr Colin Field  FAPS 
Ms Evelyn Field OAM FAPS 
Prof David Finlay  FAPS 
Dr Janet Fletcher  FAPS 
Emeritus P Gerard Fogarty  FAPS 
Prof David Forbes  FAPS 
Prof Philip Foreman  FAPS 
Dr John Franklin  FAPS 
Prof Alison Garton  FAPS 
Professor Gina Geffen AM FAPS 
Ms Lidia Genovese  FAPS 
Prof Barbara Gillam  FAPS 
Dr Geoffrey Glassock AM FAPS 
Prof Craig Gonsalvez  FAPS - 2017
Prof Alexander Gordon  FAPS 
Dr Rob Gordon  FAPS 
Dr Jan Grant  FAPS 
Ms Heather Gridley  FAPS 
Professor Graeme Halford  FAPS 
Prof W. Kim Halford  FAPS 
Col Wallace Hall  FAPS 
Dr Sabine Hammond  FAPS 
Assoc Prof Tim Hannan  FAPS 
Assoc Prof Stephanie Hanrahan  FAPS 
Dr Paul Harnett  FAPS 
Professor Ross Harris  FAPS 
Ms Margaret Hartstone  FAPS 
Professor Alan Hayes  FAPS 
Prof Edward Helmes  FAPS 
Mrs Rae Hensley  FAPS 
Prof Beryl Hesketh  FAPS 
Dr Richard Hicks  FAPS 
Dr David Hill AO FAPS 
Dr David Horne  FAPS 
Ms Elaine Hosie  FAPS 
Prof Gail Huon  FAPS 
Mr Malcolm Hutton  FAPS 
Prof Mike Innes  FAPS 
Ms Margaret Jones  FAPS 
Assoc Prof Marie Joyce OAM FAPS 
Mrs Sandra Joyce  FAPS 
Assoc Prof James Jupp  FAPS 
Mr Graeme Kane  FAPS 
Dr Lia Kapelis  FAPS 
Dr Richard Kasperczyk  FAPS 
Prof Mary Katsikitis  FAPS 
Prof David Kavanagh  FAPS 
Dr Nikolaos Kazantzis  FAPS 
Prof George Kearney AM FAPS 
Dr Daphne Keats  FAPS 
Professor Susan Kelly  FAPS 
Dr Travis Kemp  FAPS 
Prof Justin Kenardy  FAPS 
Dr Denis Kiellerup  FAPS 
Prof Maurice King  FAPS 
Prof Robert King  FAPS 
Prof Glynda Kinsella  FAPS 
Dr Tony Kneebone  FAPS 
Assoc Prof Ann Knowles  FAPS 
Assoc Prof Michael Knowles  FAPS 
Ms Joyleen Koolmatrie  FAPS 
Prof Michael Kyrios  FAPS 
L - P
Mrs Jill Lawson  FAPS 
Assoc Prof David Leach  FAPS 
Dr Christopher Lennings OAM FAPS 
Ms Erika Leonard  FAPS 
Mr Clifford Leong  FAPS 
Mrs Agnes Levine  FAPS 
Mr Bradford Levingston  FAPS 
Dr Helen Lindner  FAPS 
Prof Lyn Littlefield OAM FAPS 
Dr Winnifred Louis  FAPS - 2017
Prof Anthony Love  FAPS 
Prof William Lovegrove AO FAPS 
Prof Peter Lovibond  FAPS 
Prof Tony Machin  FAPS 
Mr Hugh Mackay AO FAPS 
Mr Chris Mackey  FAPS 
Dr Francis Macnab AM FAPS 
Mr Peter Macqueen  FAPS 
Prof Marita McCabe  FAPS 
Mr James McCallum  FAPS 
Ms Wendy McCartney  FAPS 
Ms Kathryn McEwen  FAPS 
Prof Barry McGaw  FAPS 
Dr Vicki McKenzie  FAPS 
Prof Donald McNicol  FAPS 
Ms Beatrice Melita  FAPS 
Assoc Prof Jacques Metzer  FAPS 
Prof Jeannette Milgrom  FAPS 
Mr Edwin Milliken AM FAPS 
Prof Kate Moore  FAPS 
Prof Susan Moore  FAPS 
Mr Nevin Morison  FAPS 
Prof Anthony Morris  FAPS 
Dr Laurel Morris  FAPS 
Ms Elissa Morriss  FAPS 
Prof Shirley Morrissey  FAPS 
Col Peter Murphy  FAPS 
Prof Greg Murray  FAPS 
Mr David Mutton  FAPS 
Dr Sandra Neil  FAPS 
Prof Andrew Nesdale  FAPS 
Dr Anthony Nicholas  FAPS 
Mrs Robyn Nolan  FAPS 
Mrs Carmel O'Brien OAM FAPS 
Dr Analise O'Donovan  FAPS 
Prof John O'Gorman  FAPS 
Dr Paul O'Halloran  FAPS 
Dr Monica O'Kelly  FAPS 
Dr Marie O'Neill AM FAPS 
Mr Thomas O'Neill  FAPS 
Ms Fay Oberklaid  FAPS 
Mr Richard Oborn  FAPS - 2017
Prof Tian Oei  FAPS 
Prof James Ogloff AM FAPS 
Mr Warwick Olphert  FAPS 
Dr Fred Orr  FAPS 
Mr George Owens  FAPS 
P - Z
Prof Nancy Pachana  FAPS 
Dr Gavan Palk  FAPS - 2017
Ms Margaret Papst  FAPS 
Dr Jannette Parr  FAPS 
Prof Susan Paxton  FAPS 
Mr Geoffrey Payne  FAPS 
Mr Alan Plumb  FAPS 
Mr Leslie Posen  FAPS 
Dr Martine Powell  FAPS 
Dr Paul Power  FAPS 
Prof Grace Pretty  FAPS 
Prof Margot Prior  FAPS 
Dr Jenny Promnitz  FAPS 
Prof Robert Pryor  FAPS 
Dr Patricia Quealey  FAPS 
Assoc Prof Alan Ralph  FAPS 
Prof Prasuna Reddy  FAPS 
Dr Wayne Reid  FAPS 
Prof Joseph Reser  FAPS 
Dr Nick Reynolds  FAPS 
Dr Lina Ricciardelli  FAPS 
Prof Debra Rickwood  FAPS 
Dr Damien Riggs  FAPS 
Dr Rachel Roberts  FAPS - 2017
Ms Shelley Rogers  FAPS - 2017
Dr John Roodenburg  FAPS 
Dr Louise Roufeil  FAPS 
Dr Helga Rowe  FAPS 
Dr Jean Russell  FAPS 
Mr Santo Russo  FAPS 
Professor Matthew Sanders  FAPS 
Prof Ann Sanson  FAPS 
Prof Chris Sharpley  FAPS 
Ms Elisabeth Shaw  FAPS - 2017
Dr Arthur Shores  FAPS 
Dr David Shum  FAPS 
Assoc Prof Meg Smith OAM FAPS 
Professor Susan Spence AO FAPS 
Prof Gordon Stanley  FAPS 
Mrs Ann Stark  FAPS 
Mr David Stokes  FAPS 
Mr Darren Stops  FAPS 
Dr Esben Strodl  FAPS 
Mr Michael Symons  FAPS 
Prof John Taplin  FAPS 
Prof Keith Taylor  FAPS 
Prof Peter Terry  FAPS 
Prof Donald Thomson  FAPS 
Ms Ann Thornton  FAPS 
Dr Elizabeth Tindle  FAPS 
Mr Frank Tinney  FAPS 
Prof Stephen Touyz  FAPS 
Ms Colleen Turner  FAPS 
Mr Michael Tyrrell  FAPS 
Assoc Prof Graham Tyson  FAPS 
Dr Robyn Vines  FAPS 
Ms Kathryn Von Treuer  FAPS 
Dr Lindsay Vowels  FAPS 
Dr Gordon Walker  FAPS 
Dr Cindy Wall  FAPS 
Assoc Prof William Warren  FAPS 
Mrs Kim Weatherston  FAPS 
Dr Yvonne Wells  FAPS 
Prof Eleanor Wertheim  FAPS 
Assoc Prof Mary Westbrook AM FAPS 
Dr Jack White  FAPS 
Dr Diane Whiting  FAPS - 2017
Dr Clive Williams OAM FAPS 
Mrs Janet Williams  FAPS 
Dr George Wills  FAPS 
Dr Deborah Wilmoth  FAPS 
Dr Bevan Wiltshire  FAPS 
Prof Anthony Winefield  FAPS 
Prof Helen Winefield  FAPS 
Assoc Prof Michael Wood  FAPS