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To join the DRN, simply complete the DRN survey about your experience and skills in different areas of disaster response and recovery. The DRN survey can be accessed via the following link:


About the DRN

The Disaster Response Network (DRN) is a national network of psychologists who have a special interest and expertise in working with individuals and communities affected by disasters and emergencies in Australia as well as those working to assist them. 

DRN Activities

DRN members are often called upon as volunteers to work with the Red Cross in emergencies. Please contact us at if you would like to be added to a list of volunteers for any of these roles.   

Current activities include:

Disaster Support Groups

DRN members with with experience in running groups, who also have experience in disaster recovery or other areas of traumatic stress or grief, are being trained as disaster support group facilitators in preparation to run support groups in affected communities following future disaster events.  \A training workshop for NSW psychologists is being held in Sydney on 18th December, 2013 for suitably qualified psychologists.  Click here for more information.

Independent Debriefing

DRN members have been volunteering to do independent debriefing with the Red Cross during emergency activations. The Red Cross aims to provide independent debriefing to all workers who have been activated during an emergency.  This is usually provided over the phone within 7 days following the end of each person’s deployment.  Red Cross people who undertake mission-critical roles (e.g., senior incident leadership roles within Emergency Operations Centres and field locations), however, have psychologists to provide this debriefing as they will have been in more stressful situations.  The main purpose for the independent debriefing is to ensure people’s wellbeing is checked when they have returned to their normal life after an emergency activation.

Workforce Wellbeing role with Victorian Red Cross summer 2013

15 DRN members have volunteered to participate in the Victorian Red Cross summer surge program in a ‘workforce wellbeing’ role.  The role of volunteers would predominantly be to undertake independent debriefing with workforce members who had been activated during an emergency and also determining the re-deployability of workforce members.  The group of APS volunteers would be a preferred group to conduct debriefs with people who have been activated under particularly challenging circumstances.

DRN Practitioner list

The DRN Practitioner List includes the names, locations and contact details of psychologist Medicare providers who are members of the DRN and have expressed an interest in working with people affected by disasters.

Further questions?

Any questions about the DRN can be sent to