Psychologists' Stories: Discover some of the diverse careers in psychology in this short film.

Psychology is a popular field of study in Australia and is taught at universities in every state and territory. With a diverse range of workplace settings and specialties, psychology can be a highly rewarding and satisfying career choice.

Qualified psychologists bring unique skill sets that are highly-valued across a wide range of workplace contexts. Demand for psychologists continues to grow in schools, hospitals, academic and applied research settings, law courts, prisons, defence forces, private practices, consulting firms, market research companies - the list goes on.

Specialties in psychology

Psychologists who complete postgraduate studies in an area of specialty may be eligible to receive an area of endorsement for their specialty from the Psychology Board of Australia. This enables a specialist psychologist to call him/her self and practise in one of the nine Psychology Board-endorsed areas of specialisation:

There are many other areas in which psychologists focus their professional efforts. Read the APS member journal InPsych for more information on the contributions made by APS members, and explore the 40 Interest Groups that have been established by members to experience diversity of work in which psychologists are involved.