5 December 2006

Coping with fire threat requires psychological preparation
With an early and especially severe start to the bushfire season and a hot, dry summer forecast for much of Australia, the Australian Psychological Society (APS) is stressing the need for psychological preparation as much as practical preparation.
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National Psychology Week - media releases

Overweight Australians can't go it alone

12 November 2006
Australians trying to change unhealthy eating habits or improve fitness are reducing their chance of long-term success by relying solely on willpower, resisting expert help and failing to enlist family and social support.
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Interview opportunities: National Psychology Week

10 November 2006
A positive outlook and healthy mind are essential to getting the most out of life. During National Psychology Week, 12 – 18 November 2006, psychologists throughout Australia will showcase the ways that psychology can make a difference to the quality of people’s lives.
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1 November 2006

Affordable access to mental healthcare is now a reality
Australians with mental health problems will have more affordable access to healthcare with the new Medicare rebate for psychological services coming into effect today.
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30 October 2006

Pastoral care not to be confused with spiritual care
The APS applauds the Government’s willingness to spend $90 million on improving access to counselling services for Australian school children for matters such as mental health problems, stress at home or personal tragedy, and its recognition that children’s needs are not currently being met. However, the APS urges Mr Howard to consider allowing schools to access non-religious counsellors under the scheme announced yesterday.
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25 October 2006

Challenge to Australians to assist refugees on their journey to health and stability
Reflecting on the Refugee Week theme of 'journeys,' Australian Psychological Society (APS) President Amanda Gordon says a lot can be done to make refugees' journeys less stressful.
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18 October 2006

Psychologists warn of greater risk to men from drought stress
The Australian Psychological Society (APS) is warning that men are at greater risk from the stress of the drought affecting most of Australia, because of their reluctance to ask for help.
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18 October 2006

Psychology the clue in halting obesity epidemic
Obesity has been described as a major epidemic and, according to an Access Economics report released today, costs Australia over $21 billion per year.Childhood obesity is especially of major concern, as rates of overweight and obese children continue to rise.
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10 October 2006

Temporary status brings about mental health crisis for refugees
The Australian Psychological Society (APS) urges the Federal Government to bring about the end of temporary protection visas (TPVs) following new research that shows an unacceptably high rate of mental health problems among refugees and asylum seekers holding TPVs along with those in mandatory detention.
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9 October 2006

Medicare announcement of new psychology items heralds new era for mental health services in Australia
The Australian Psychological Society (APS) is delighted with the new psychology Medicare items announced today by Prime Minister John Howard. "A great outcome has been achieved that will allow all registered psychologists to provide services under Medicare," said APS President, Amanda Gordon.
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11 September 2006

Don’t allow the fear of ‘9/11’ to control you
On the fifth anniversary of the terrorist attacks in the United States, psychologists at the Australian Psychological Society (APS) advise people not to allow fear to control them simply because the ‘9/11’ date has come around again.
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6 September 2006

Healthy weight may be all in the mind for young women
“Traditionally obesity has been addressed using medical treatments such as surgery or medication. However, there is now strong evidence to show the effectiveness of psychological treatments in tackling this problem,” says Amanda Gordon, President of the Australian Psychological Society.
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6 September 2006

Talking with children about death
Children can be helped to cope with grief and death by learning to understand the nature of death as a biological event.
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10 August 2006

Education is key in responding to media portrayals of Middle East conflict
As daily news reports show destroyed communities and shattered lives, the Australian Psychological Society (APS) says that people are likely to feel very distressed at the escalating conflict in the Middle East.
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1 August 2006

APS Bendi Lango Art Exhibition: Supporting Indigenous Psychologists
The APS Bendi Lango Art Exhibition, a public show in support of the Australian Psychological Society, is to be held in the offices of Rio Tinto in Melbourne from Saturday 5 August to Tuesday 8 August.
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19 July 2006

Australia must push for Middle East ceasefire
Psychologists at the Australian Psychological Society (APS) are dismayed at the resurgence of violence in the Middle East, and urge our Government to call for an immediate ceasefire.
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12 July 2006

Mentally ill still neglected
Australian psychologists strongly support Victorian Premier Steve Bracks’ warning that the mentally ill are still at strong risk of receiving inadequate assistance, despite the changes flowing from the last COAG meeting.
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24 May 2006

Family violence is not restricted to Indigenous Australians
Australian psychologists are concerned that there are racist undertones in much of the recent public discussion regarding child abuse and domestic violence in some indigenous communities.
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10 May 2006

Miners' elation tempered by reality
The Australian Psychological Society (APS) joins the Tasmanian town of Beaconsfield and the entire nation in celebrating yesterday’s rescue of trapped miners, Todd Russell and Brant Webb. The APS congratulates the rescue team who worked tirelessly to ensure the health, safety and successful release of the miners.
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10 May 2006

Mental Health Funding is a great step forward
The Australian Psychological Society (APS) praises the mental health initiatives announced in last night’s Budget as a great step forward for the thousands of Australians who experience mental illness.
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5 May 2006

Trauma Survivors need constructive support
As the rescue operation to free trapped Beaconsfield miners, Brant Webb and Todd Russell enters its final stages, trauma experts at the Australian Psychological Society (APS) advise that the miners’ recovery and healing process will benefit most from constructive support.
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19 April 2006

10th Trans-Tasman Conference in Community Psychology
How do changes to the mental health system affect mental health service consumers? Do Australian-Muslim adolescents feel like they belong? How can we assist our children in coping with the transition from primary school to high school? These are some of the topics that will feature at the 10th Trans-Tasman Conference in Community Psychology this week from 20 – 23 April in Sydney.
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5 April 2006

Psychologists applaud mental health boost
The Australian Psychological Society (APS) wholeheartedly welcomes the Federal Government’s announcement of$1.8 billion to improve the nation’s mental health system. The announcement recognises the mental health crisis in Australia and shows the Government has been responsive to the community in their cry for help.
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3 April 2006

Supporting our youth guarantees a brighter future for all
“Young people are our most important resource and certainly not the aimless troublemakers that the media often portrays,” says Amanda Gordon, President of the Australian Psychological Society (APS). “The staging of National Youth Week (1 – 9 April) provides a fitting opportunity to move away from negative stereotypes and celebrate Australian youth.”
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28 March 2006

Medicare changes will not leave Psychologists' patients out of pocket
The Australian Psychological Society (APS) is concerned over recent media articles suggesting the inclusion of psychologists under Medicare will leave patients significantly out of pocket. The APS expects that unlike those people with mental illness who visit psychiatrists, those treated by psychologists are extremely unlikely to bear an increased financial burden.
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23 March 2006

Letter to the Editor: Australian Financial Review
Lisa Allen and Mark Davis’ article ‘Mental health plan may have side effects’ (Australian Financial Review, 23 March 2006 PG 6) painted a rather narrow view of the role and capabilities of psychologists, in light of the Government’s expected mental health funding package.
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23 March 2006

Psychologists – key to tackling Australia’s mental health crisis
The Australian Psychological Society (APS) welcomes the proposed Federal Government initiative to give people with mental health disorders access to expert psychological treatment from qualified psychologists through Medicare.
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23 March 2006

Cyclone survivors need psychological support
Cyclone survivors in northern Queensland will need psychological support as much as material support, according to Australian psychologists. ‘Their immediate needs are naturally for the most basic material assistance,’ said Dr Bob Montgomery, Director of Communications for the Australian Psychological Society. ‘First priority must be provision of shelter, drinking water, food, financial support, the absolute basics of life.’
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23 March 2006

Psychologists say emotional development as important as literacy and numeracy
Psychologists at the APS congratulate the government on recognising the urgent need to provide quality, learning environments run by qualified staff for preschool children.
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20 March 2006

Commonwealth Games: time for celebration and reflection
APS President Amanda Gordon said the Commonwealth Games offer a wonderful opportunity for community connectedness that extends far beyond the sporting field. “If we are to truly embrace the spirit of this event then we are to remember that prosperity must be shared with all members of our community. The extreme health problems in aboriginal communities show that our good fortune is definitely not shared by all.”
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9 March 2006

Psychology is the key to healthier lifestyles
Better use of Australia’s psychologists is the key solution to the need to promote healthier lifestyles, according to Dr Bob Montgomery, Director of Communications for the Australian Psychological Society.
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8 March 2006

Sport psychologists available for comment during the Commonwealth Games
The Australian Psychological Society has a number of expert sport psychologists available to comment on many aspects of the Commonwealth Games experience including preparation, performance, pressure, teamwork and coping with winning or losing.
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17 February 2006

Psychologists give Minister Abbott considered support
Health Minister Tony Abbott’s proposal to increase access to counselling by psychologists, for women with unwanted pregnancies, was given reserved support by the Australian Psychological Society. Society President, Amanda Gordon. “Any increase in federal support for women to access psychological services is welcome and indeed long overdue, said Gordon.
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15 February 2006

Psychologists can fill mental health gap now
Australia already has at least 10,000 psychologists who could fill the gap in mental health services recognised at last Friday's COAG meeting, according to the Australian Psychological Society President, Amanda Gordon.
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10 February 2006

Prime Minister moves in the right direction
The decision by COAG today to spend over $1 billion on new health initiatives, including a major mental health action plan has been hailed by the Australian Psychological Society as a major step in the right direction.
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6 February 2006

COAG urged to consider revised mental health strategy
The Australian Psychological Society (APS) shares the concerns of State leaders, including the Premier of NSW, about the state of mental health in Australia. In a first, this weeks COAG will include mental health high on the national agenda.
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24 January 2006

Coping With Fire Threat Requires Psychological Preparation
The current wave of fires across much of Australia is highlighting the need for psychological preparation as much as practical preparation, according to the Australian Psychological Society.
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19 January 2006

Psychological treatment helps fight fat
For many people the New Year brings new hopes and resolutions, and for the thousands of Australians who are clinically obese, 2006 offers a renewed determination to lose weight.
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16 January 2006

Psychologists urge Government to fund treatment for depression
Depression in males is often complicated by feelings of shame and guilt, and a concern that others should perceive them as weak, according to the President of the Australian Psychological Society, Amanda Gordon.
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