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15 September 2016

Internet a refuge for struggling kids subjected to aggression at school, research reveals

Less conscientious adolescents confronted with hostility at school are at greater risk of developing internet addiction, a psychology expert will tell the APS Congress, held in Melbourne, 13-16 September.

15 September 2016

Australian Psychological Society apologises to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People

Today, the Australian Psychological Society will issue a formal apology to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People, acknowledging psychology’s role in contributing to the erosion of culture and to their mistreatment.

14 September 2016

Psychology tackles major challenges of our times - wellbeing, climate change, social cohesion

Australia is facing major challenges and psychology can help find solutions, according to APS President Professor Michael Kyrios who will launch psychology’s response to the big issues of the 21st Century at the Australian Psychological Society Congress in Melbourne, 13-16 September.


14 September 2016

Treating sleep and anxiety may be key to better outcomes for children with ADHD, expert says

Targeting sleep and anxiety problems in children with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) may improve their symptoms and outcomes, a psychology expert will tell the APS Congress, held in Melbourne, 13-16 September.


13 September 2016

Single-sex education leads to gender bias, psychology expert says.

There’s no research to show that boys and girls learn differently in the classroom and we need to reconsider the impact of gender biases in single-sex education, an international expert will tell the Australian Psychological Society (APS) Congress, held in Melbourne, 13-16 September.

13 September 2016

Corporate psychopaths common and can wreak havoc in business, researcher says

Higher than expected levels of psychopathic traits exist among people found in the upper echelons of the corporate business sector, and companies should undertake psychological screening to help identify ‘successful psychopaths’, according to new research being presented at the APS Congress, held in Melbourne, 13 to 16 September.


5 August 2016

The APS commends establishment of the Victorian Multicultural and Social Cohesion Division

The Australian Psychological Society (APS) welcomes the Victorian Government’s recent announcement of a new Multicultural and Social Cohesion Division.


2 August 2016

Psychologists condemn abuse of Indigenous children in youth detention

Examination of racial bias in system needed

The Australian Psychological Society (APS) joins the Australian Indigenous Psychologists Association (AIPA) and people around Australia to express our dismay at the dehumanising abuse and torture of Aboriginal children and youth in detention.


27 July 2016

Tips for talking to young people after community violence

The wave of recent extreme and distressing events, such as the news of young indigenous people being harshly treated in Australian youth detention centres, the shootings in America and Germany and the Bastille Day attack in France, are powerful and upsetting incidents that intrude into daily life.


21 June 2016

Make mental health an election priority, psychologists

The Australian Psychological Society (APS), the leading organisation representing psychologists, has called on the major parties to make mental health an election priority.


26 May 2016

APS supports State Government apology for people convicted of homosexual acts

The Australian Psychological Society strongly supports the recent apologies from Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews and Opposition leader Matthew Guy to people convicted in the State for homosexual acts.


19 May 2016

Psychologists working to fight racism, extremism & marginalisation

Leading psychologists will gather in Melbourne tomorrow, Friday May 20, to discuss how psychology can help unite Australians.


20 April 2016

Mental health a priority - Letter to the editor, The Age

Mental health is an issue that often draws media attention in response to a suicide or tragic incident.  So it is refreshing to hear proactive calls for an increase in mental health funding as an investment: The Age; Mental health funding is a human investment 19 April 2016.


19 April 2016

It makes sense to invest in mental health, says APS

The Australian Psychological Society (APS) welcomes calls by The Age editorial to increase investment in mental health by increasing the number of sessions available under the Better Access to Mental Health initiative.

7 April 2016

Health and mental health threatened by climate change, report finds

New United States Global Change Research Program report released

Climate change presents a growing risk to health, including mental health and wellbeing, according to the United States Global Change Research Program which has just released its report, The Impacts of Climate Change on Human Health in the United States: A Scientific Assessment.

1 April 2016

APS welcomes report from the Victorian Royal Commission into Family Violence

The Australian Psychological Society (APS) welcomes the recent report from the Victorian Royal Commission into Family Violence, and commends the Andrews Government’s commitment to implement all report recommendations in a timely manner.

17 March 2016

Close the Gap: Indigenous leadership is key to mental health and suicide prevention

The Australian Psychological Society (APS) says closing the mental-health and suicide gap between Indigenous and other Australians requires a bipartisan, long-term commitment to a dedicated Indigenous mental-health plan developed with Indigenous leadership

5 February 2016

Psychologists call for a bipartisan approach to end off-shore processing

The Australian Psychological Society (APS) has added its voice to the concerns of peak health professional bodies about the Australian Government’s current detention policies and procedures. Wednesday’s High Court decision may have confirmed the technical legality of offshore detention, but the APS believes it is ultimately ineffective and indefensible to inflict enormous suffering on one group of desperate people in order to send a message of deterrence to others.