A snapshot of benefits and services enjoyed by APS members:

Recognition as an APS member

  • Membership of a longstanding, respected and influential psychological society, representing high standards and a commitment to the discipline and profession of psychology
  • Identification with media promotion of expert APS members and their skilled psychological contributions to enhancing community wellbeing
  • Promotion through the APS Find a Psychologist Service and access to quality professional indemnity insurance at reduced rates

Access to accurate information and advice in the fast-changing world of psychology

Support for your continuing professional development

Skilled and effective advocacy on your behalf

  • Ongoing campaigns for increased community access to psychological interventions and maintenance of the Better Access initiative
  • Negotiations for high standards and fair arrangements for practitioners and their training under the national registration and accreditation scheme
  • Advocacy for increased university funding of psychology programs, and appropriate training and standards under the health workforce reforms