As a special service to our academic and research members, the APS invites you to submit a reference of your most recent journal publications (i.e. in the last 12 months, including those currently in press) for inclusion in the academic members' publications section.

This list is updated regularly to include new research. The shelf life of any listed journal publication is 12 months to highlight and promote the most recent, cutting-edge research in psychology.

This initiative provides a valuable service to our members and a wonderful opportunity for our academics and researchers to showcase their scholarship across Australia and internationally.

To be part of the academic members’ publications listing 

Please email details of your recent publication(s) to, including the following information:

  • The article reference, formatted in line with the APA referencing style, as per the convention for psychology
  • A copy of the published paper or letter from the editor of the journal acknowledging its pending publication
  • Affiliation
  • Up to 4 keywords
  • Email address