The Distinguished Contribution to Psychological Education Award recognises outstanding contribution to the education of psychologists over an extended period in Australia.

1. Eligibility

  1. Candidates need not be members of the Society.
  2. Candidates must have been involved in psychology education in Australia for at least ten (10) years.

2. Judging Criteria

  1. In judging Candidates for the award, the Selection Committee will have regard to:
    1. The Candidate’s level of quality, innovation and service in the area of psychology education in Australia
    2. Whether the Candidate’s contribution to psychology education has been influential beyond the educational institution in which they teach, both within Australia and internationally
    3. The Candidate’s leadership in the area of psychology education in Australia
    4. Whether the Candidate has made an outstanding contribution across a range of educational activities in Australia.
  2. Evidence of such a contribution may be presented from a variety of sources,  including several (but not necessarily all) of the following:
    1. Performance as a teacher of psychology
    2. Supervision of psychology student research or professional supervision
    3. Mentoring of psychology students or staff teaching psychology
    4. Development of psychology courses, programs or curriculum
    5. Development of new psychology teaching materials and integration across modes of delivery
    6. Scholarship and contribution to the literature of psychology education
    7. Innovation in the area of psychology education
    8. Contribution to the Society in the development and implementation of its educational objectives.

3. Value of the Award

  1. Successful Candidates for the Distinguished Contribution to Psychological Education Award will:
    1. Be offered a one year membership of the Society at no cost, provided that the successful Candidate makes an application for membership within twelve (12) months of receiving notice of their Award. If the successful Candidate is an existing member of the Society, he or she will be offered membership of the Society for the following twelve (12) months at no cost.  
    2. Be invited to present a Keynote address on any topic related to the teaching of psychology at the Society’s Annual Conference in the year following the receipt of their Distinguished Contribution to Psychological Education Award. Upon acceptance of this invitation, the successful Candidate will be entitled to complimentary:
      1. Domestic economy class travel between their home city and the conference destination
      2. Accommodation (room and breakfast only) for up to three (3) nights at a hotel near the conference venue
      3. Conference registration.
    3. Receive a plaque for the Distinguished Contribution to Psychological Education Award.  

4. Administration of Distinguished Contribution to Psychological Education Award

4.1 Nomination Process

  1. A call for nominations for the Distinguished Contribution to Psychological Education Award will be:
    1. Advertised in InPsych
    2. Provided to the Heads of School or Department of each tertiary institution or higher education provider in Australia.
  2. Candidates must be nominated for the Award by a Member of the Society.
  3. Nominations should be submitted in writing and must include:
    1. A letter of nomination addressing the items referred to in section 2
    2. A curriculum vitae.
  4. Nominations should be submitted electronically in PDF format to the Administrator, Science and Education, Australian Psychological Society via, by the closing date.

4.2 Selection Process

  1. A Board appointed Selection Committee will be responsible for
    1. Determining an appropriate Candidate for receipt of the Award
    2. Recommending an appropriate Candidate to the Board for endorsement.

4.3 Award Presentation

  1. All Candidates (both successful and unsuccessful) will be formally notified in writing before any public announcement is made.
  2. An acknowledgement of the successful Candidate will be published on the APS website and in the Society’s bimonthly bulletin, InPsych, and other relevant psychology and education publications in February of the year following the receipt of their Award.
  3. The successful Candidate will be presented with an award plaque at the APS Annual Conference in the year following the receipt of their Award.  If the successful Candidate is unable to accept the invitation to attend the Society’s Annual Conference, their plaque will be forwarded after the Conference.

5. Application form and closing date

Nominations close 27 June 2014.

Please email the letter of nomination and all supporting information to:

Any questions? If you have any queries, the Science and Education team can help on (03) 8662 3300 or email

6. Previous winners

Prof Simon Crowe, La Trobe University
Assoc Prof Frances Martin, University of Newcastle
Geoff Cumming
2010  Dr Stephen Provost, Southern Cross University  
2009  Not awarded 
2008  Assoc Prof Jacquelyn Cranney, University of New South Wales 
2007  Dr John Reece, RMIT 
2006 Assoc Prof Amanda LeCouteur, University of Adelaide
2005 Dr Nancy Pachana, University of Queensland
2004 Assoc Prof Eleanor Wertheim, La Trobe University
2003 Assoc Prof Gail Huon, University of New South Wales
2002 Not awarded
2001 Dr Prasuna Reddy
2000 Dr Ottmar Lipp (inaugural award)