A Meeting of Minds Book
A Meeting of Minds Book
A meeting of minds - Simon Cooke

A Meeting of Minds traces the sometimes turbulent past of psychology in Australia over the past 50 years. It focuses on the profession of psychology, which has been shaped by social change and border disputes with psychiatry, counselling and psychotherapy. The book also covers the history of the Australian Psychological Society.

Overcoming Panic book
Overcoming Panic book (Out of stock)
Overcoming Panic - John Franklin

Based on years of research, this step-by-step program has been successfully completed by thousands of people who experience panic sufferers. The program can be done alone without professional help, or professional therapists can use it to help clients deal with panic disorder.

Training and Performance book
Training and Performance book (Out of stock)
Training and performance - Human Performance and the Workplace series

Edited by Janice Langan-Fox & Mark A Griffin

This provides basic and advanced knowledge in training and performance issues, concepts, systems and research developments. It is suitable for undergraduate students studying organisational psychology and researchers seeking Australian findings.