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Perinatal Non-Directive Counselling Training

Format Online
Description Perinatal Non-Directive Counselling is an online training program for health professionals working with women who have any personal concerns about a current or recent pregnancy, whether it has been full-term or part-term (including a planned termination).

The training program includes a range of online learning materials, including case studies, learning activities, relevant readings, and multiple-choice assessments.

Successful completion of this training program will meet the mandatory requirements of eligible Psychologists and Social Workers to offer services under the Pregnancy Support Medicare items (MBS item numbers 81000 and 81005).

More information about this Medicare Pregnancy Support Counselling service can be found by clicking the website link below.

Content outline
Section A Training Module: Review of non-directive counselling skills
Section B Training Module: Pregnancy-related counselling issues
Section C Training Module: Pregnancy-related information resources

Learning format
 Three self-paced learning modules
 Each topic includes printable briefing papers, case studies, interactive activities, readings, and other relevant resources to enable you to demonstrate active learning in your annual CPD portfolio
 Participants must successfully complete an online assessment for modules B and C in order to pass the course
 Certificate of completion.

Please note: this course is an updated version of the Mandatory training in non-directive pregnancy support counselling course. The course was updated 23 March 2012 and is now called Perinatal Non-Directive Counselling Training. If you completed the original course before 23 March 2012 please do not register for this course. When you login to the APS website the course may be marked as 'Not enrolled', please ignore this and do not register. APS has recorded that you have completed the original course.

What do you need to access this CPD?
You should be able to access this online CPD with a modern computer (including access to a printer) that is less than three years old. Please check with your IT supplier and your internet provider that your computer and internet service has the following:

 One of the following browsers installed: Internet Explorer version 7+, Safari 4+ or Firefox 3+ (JavaScript and pop-ups must be enabled)
 An internet connection with a minimum of 512Kbps bandwidth
 A screen with a minimum resolution of 1024 x 768 pixels
CPD Hours
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3 hours
[APS Institute CPD. CCOUN, CHP] [CPD Codes glossary]
Location Australia Wide, Australia
Start/End Date 1 Jul 2010 to 31 Dec 2015
Time Online CPD can be accessed 24 hours a day
Cost Australian residents: $220 (inclusive of GST), non-Australian residents: $200 (exclusive of GST)
Organiser APS National Office
Contact Name APS National Office
Telephone 03 8662 3300
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