Recovering from bushfires

Preparing for bushfires

Preparing psychologically for bushfire

Helpful tips for being psychologically prepared as you get ready for the bushfire season.

Preparing children for the threat of bushfire

Information for parents and carers to help children manage their fears and to have a greater sense of being in control in threatening bushfire situations.

 Psychological preparation for extreme weather events

 Information on how to prepare psychologically before an extreme weather event and how to cope emotionally during or after an extreme weather event.

Recovering from bushfires

Psychological First Aid: An Australian Guide 2nd Edition (2013)

Psychological first aid is useful as the first thing that you might do with individuals or families following a disaster. It includes basic principles of support to promote natural recovery: helping people to feel safe, connected to others, calm and hopeful, access physical, emotional and social support, and feel able to help themselves.

Promoting safety, comfort and help after disasters – what can I do?

General advice to help people to look after themselves after bushfires - Read more 

Looking after children who have been affected by bushfires

Guidelines for parents and caregivers to help identify signs of distress, and tips for reassuring and comforting children.

Useful skills for disaster recovery 

General psychological strategies to help people to cope and recover after bushfires

Understanding and managing psychological trauma

Tip sheet outlining the symptoms of psychological trauma and tips on how to manage it.

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