Australians frequently experience natural disasters including bushfires, floods and cyclones. These events can have a significant impact on the mental health and wellbeing of community members. The APS has played a significant role in the response to recent natural disasters, and has developed a range of information and resources to assist psychologists, other health professionals and individuals in disaster-affected communities in the preparation and recovery processes.

Disaster response planning

The APS is prepared to respond if a disaster happens. Useful resources about psychological first aid and other early responses can be found below. Local APS Branch Committee members in areas vulnerable to natural disasters can access a disaster planning document to assist with their preparations and responses if a disaster does occur.

Disaster planning document

Planning for extreme weather events

Disaster Response Network

Preparing for extreme weather events and disasters

APS Practice certificate in Disaster Support

Recovering from extreme weather events and disasters

APS and the Red Cross

APS professional guidelines, submissions, InPsych articles

Psychosocial support in disasters Portal

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