July 1, 2012 marks the roll-out of the national eHealth record system across Australia and from this date all Australians can register for their own personally controlled electronic health record. Psychologists, like all healthcare practitioners, need to be aware of the changes that are associated with this transition and the APS is committed to assisting members to understand their responsibilities within the new eHealth record system.

About the eHealth record system

Preparing for the eHealth record system

Continuing to protect privacy and confidentiality

Of great importance to psychologists and consumers is how an eHealth record system will maintain privacy and confidentiality and how to ensure that the storing and sending of information online is secure.

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eHealth for Practitioners: Access online learning

As part of its efforts to provide APS members with quality information, the APS, with support from the National E-Health Transition Authority (NEHTA), has developed the eHealth online learning modules. These can be accessed through APS Institute eLearning and provide a minimum of 12 active learning CPD points.

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