Wednesday 27 July 2016

New Resource

The wave of recent extreme and distressing events, such as the news of young indigenous people being harshly treated in Australian youth detention centres, the shootings in America and Germany and the Bastille Day attack in France, are powerful and upsetting incidents that intrude into daily life.

The APS has a new resource, Tips for talking with and helping children and young people cope  after community violence, for parents, caregivers and teachers to help them talk about these type of distressing events.

The tip sheet is presented in an easily downloadable and printable form, so the information can be printed, shared and used as a valuable reference when required. 

Additional resources

Notes to editors:  Expert psychologists are also available to talk to the media about the issue.

For more information, or to arrange an interview, email, or call Karen Coghlan on 03 8662 6638.  Find the APS Media team on Twitter:  @AustPsych.

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