Wednesday 20 April

Mental health is an issue that often draws media attention in response to a suicide or tragic incident.  So it is refreshing to hear proactive calls for an increase in mental health funding as an investment: The Age; Mental health funding is a human investment 19 April 2016.

Millions of Australian’s lives have been improved through the provision of Medicare subsidised access to psychological services under the Better Access to Mental Health Program.

It has been evaluated as a highly effective and cost efficient way of supporting people who may not otherwise be eligible for treatment through disability and public mental health services.

In 2013 the option to provide additional sessions for people with more severe mental illnesses was reduced from 18 to 10 sessions, which for some people is lower than an adequate ‘dose’ of psychological treatment.

These sessions need to be reinstated.  People can slip through the cracks and end up losing their relationships, their job and their homes if not properly supported. That is a high cost for any community and deserves investment

Professor Lyn Littlefield
Executive Director
Australian Psychological Society