APS Member Groups is the umbrella for various groups that members join within the APS. These are Branches, Colleges and Interest Groups.


All members of the APS automatically become members of a local Branch - membership of a Branch is based on a member's APS preferred mailing address.

APS Branch Committees support members and promote the profession of psychology at the state and regional level. They facilitate members to network with colleagues in their local area, and represent and advance member interests and particular needs. Click here to access each Branch webpage.

To find out how to apply for APS membership click here.


Members can join a College at varying grades of membership depending on their qualifications. Please refer to individual college websites for further information about joining or renewing your College membership.

APS College Committees promote specific areas in psychology by:

  • Informing processes of determining practice standards and quality assurance
  • Supporting and providing high standard of continuing professional development activities for specialist areas of psychological practice
  • Publishing newsletters and other information resources, such as journals
  • Informing members of key issues and initiatives through and APS bulk email system and the APS website

Interest Groups

All APS members can join one or more Interest Groups. Non-APS members are also welcome to join a number of APS Interest Groups (refer to the application form located here to see which Interest Groups allow non-APS members to join).

Interest Group Committees support members with special interests and assist communication between members interested in similar fields.  Each Interest Group Committee varies in its level of activity -some provide seminars, courses and conferences, publish newsletters and perform a range of social media activities on behalf of their members.