The APS awards the status of Life Member to those members who have held at least 50 years membership with the APS. This year, there are twenty-two new Life Members of the APS, bringing the total to 129 current Life Members of the APS.

The full list of current Life Members of the APS is available on the APS website. The list of notable individuals from the history of the APS includes 13 past Presidents, one past Chairman of the Australian Branch of the British Psychological Society, and 10 of the 16 APS Honorary Fellows

The new APS Life Members are:

  • Mr Phillip Boas MAPS
  • Dr Carol Burton MAPS
  • Mrs Audrey Chopra MAPS
  • Dr Molly Cotton MAPS
  • Ms Lorraine Deane MAPS
  • Prof Ralph Hall MAPS
  • Mrs Tatiana Hartung MAPS
  • Dr Leon Lack MAPS
  • Mrs Joan Montgomery MAPS
  • Dr Bob Montgomery Hon FAPS
  • Dr Marie O’Neill FAPS
  • Dr Graham Perkin MAPS
  • Ms Gabrielle Pritchard MAPS
  • Dr Anne Ring MAPS
  • Dr Harry Stanton MAPS
  • Mr George Story MAPS
  • Dr Ralph Straton MAPS
  • Prof JohnTaplin FAPS
  • Dr Fredrick Taylor MAPS
  • Assoc Prof William Warren FAPS
  • Mr Thea Woodington MAPS
  • Mrs Valerie Young MAPS

If you believe you currently meet the criteria to be a Life Member and are not listed above, please contact Mick Symons, Manager Member Services and Ethics at

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