Key issues for the 2016 Federal election

Election opportunities to improve the health and wellbeing of Australians

Better Access

The APS calls for reinstatement of 16 sessions available under Better Access for people with more complex, high prevalence conditions.

Psychological services in regional, rural and remote Australia

The APS calls for the implementation of a “grow-your-own” pipeline for the regional, rural and remote psychology workforce,  facilitating access to rural internships, supervisors and centralised coordination, supported by a rural practice incentives package.

Chronic disease management

The APS seeks flexible government funding to enable the delivery of evidence-based psychological interventions targeting behaviour change in people with chronic illnesses, regardless of whether they elect to enrol in a Health Care Home.

Aged care

The APS seeks commitment to provide access to psychological and neuropsychological assessment and treatment for older people in the community and those residing in aged care facilities.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander social and emotional wellbeing

The APS calls for the recommendations of the National review of Mental Health Programmes and Services related to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander social and emotional wellbeing to be implemented as an urgent priority.

Institutionalised child sexual abuse

The APS seeks to amend the Better Access program and develop a register of appropriately qualified and experienced health professionals to meet the needs of victims.

Domestic violence

The APS seeks comprehensive, flexible and long term access to psychological care for survivors of domestic violence and child abuse, delivered by appropriately experienced and qualified practitioners.

Asylum seekers

The APS seeks the reinstatement of the Immigration Health Advisory Group, which provided independent advice on the mental and physical welfare of asylum seekers in detention.

Climate change

The APS seeks a commitment to continued reduction of global warming to prevent the most significant physical and mental health effects of climate change.

Disaster response funding

The APS seeks a commitment to ensure that natural disaster funding takes into account the need to address the psychological impact of natural disasters on individuals, their families and whole communities.


Where do the parties stand?

The APS has asked for a response from the major political parties regarding the key issues. Party responses will be posted below, as we receive them:


Freezing of Medicare rebates

The APS supports the GP campaign against the continued freezing of indexation of Medicare rebates.

Emeritus Professor Gina Geffen AM FAPS