The 50th anniversary of the founding of the APS is fast approaching.

To celebrate this milestone, the APS is embarking on the documentation of the past 50 years of APS history.

In this fast-paced age, this is a rare opportunity to take stock of what the APS and its members have contributed and achieved. In addition, it is a valuable chance to ensure that records and photographs that exist only in electronic form or in people’s memories are preserved.  

Have you served on member groups? Conducted important research? Observed psychology or the communities it serves changing?

Judith Heywood, our researcher, would love to hear your recollections of involvement with the APS, and what the society has contributed and achieved. She will also be collecting

  • written recollections
  • oral history
  • photographs
  • books and papers
  • memorabilia

She would also love to hear any suggestions  of individuals who may have an expert memory of particular activities or eras, or of any collections that may include APS material that can be reviewed.

This material will be shared with the APS membership as part of the 50th celebrations in 2016. The APS will conduct a series of events to celebrate five decades of the society.
Contact Judith  at, 03 8662 3304 or via post at

Australian Psychological Society
PO Box 38
Flinders Lane VIC 8009