Framework for an Australian curriculum for psychological science in secondary schools

The APS supports the development of a national curriculum for psychological science. The APS Division of Psychological Research, Education and Training (DPRET), in consultation with teacher and curriculum representatives from every State and Territory in Australian, has developed a proposed framework for senior secondary school studies in psychological science. This framework is modelled on the current senior science curricula that were developed and published by the Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority (ACARA). State and territory curriculum, assessment and certification authorities are responsible for the structure and organisation of their senior secondary courses and determine how they integrate the Australian Curriculum.

The APS hopes that this framework will facilitate a dialogue between educators and their local curriculum authority, with the aim of working towards a more consistent approach to the teaching of psychological science at secondary school level and optimising the preparation for students going on to undergraduate psychology studies at university, as well as the effective use of psychological principles in everyday life.

The APS encourages the curriculum authorities for each State and Territory to consider ways in which the framework could be used to inform their existing curriculum, taking into account the specific needs of that State or Territory.

Victoria has recently revised its suite of senior science studies, including VCE Psychology, and this can be found here.

Tertiary teaching resources

The APS is pleased able to provide members with teaching resources that can be modified and used freely, provided that the modified version of the materials still bear the APS logo. Each of the following exercises are provided as an additional benefit to academic members and can be accessed here:

In addition, freely available resources are available via the following websites:

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