What is DPRET?

The Division of Psychological Research, Education and Training (DPRET) is one of the three Divisions of the APS. DPRET was created in 2013 to give a voice to, and represent the interests of, APS members principally engaged in research, formal teaching or another scholarly undertaking in a field of psychology for or in conjunction with an education institution and/or research institution. 

The work of DPRET has the potential to have a positive impact on all psychologists in Australia through endeavours to:

  • Improve psychology education and training models for the current and future psychology workforce
  • Increase the level of funding for psychological scientists, and
  • Provide the latest evidence-based psychological research to inform best practice of psychology.

DPRET has been specifically set up by the APS to act as a means of communication between the members (whose interests it represents), the Board, National Office and the Society in relation to Division related matters. These matters include but are not limited to:

  • Education and training
  • Research and funding opportunities to be investigated or pursued
  • Advocating for policy reform and inform policy formulation to improve the impact and reach of psychological research in Australia
  • Services provided, or that could be provided, by the Society to better cater for the needs of the members the Division represents
  • APS Science Awards.

What is the DPRET Forum?

DPRET Communiqués

To ensure your voice is heard, the APS Board has set up the DPRET Forum that meets four times a year to discuss and initiate actions that will benefit the members they represent and psychological research as a whole. DPRET Communiqués will be released throughout the year to inform members and colleagues in academia about the work of the DPRET Forum and the content of the most recent meetings and projects.


Representatives within the DPRET Forum are senior and early career psychological scientists and educators from across Australia who were appointed to the DPRET Forum following a call for Expressions of Interest. They have a collective knowledge of and experience in a range of foci within the discipline. The DPRET Forum also has a secondary education representative who provides the perspective of secondary educators and informs DPRET on issues and areas of interest in secondary education curriculum.

DPRET Forum representatives

The DPRET Forum representatives have a strong interest and commitment to improving benefits for the APS membership they represent. The Forum is jointly chaired by a Board representative and the Executive Director of the APS and as such it gains direct communication access to them and through them to the Board.

Working Groups

Members of the Forum contribute to five different working groups to strengthen APS involvement and influence in psychology education and research. These Working Groups also include experts in the relevant areas they focus on.

The Working Groups comprise:

  • The Teaching and Training Working Group addresses the education and training of psychologists at the secondary education, undergraduate and postgraduate levels.
  • The University Funding Working Group lobbies for funding for undergraduate and postgraduate psychology programs.
  • The Research Funding Advocacy Working Group considers the manner in which psychological research is funded and the adequacy of that funding.
  • The Periodicals Advisory Committee works to improve the quality and standing of the APS journals.
  • The Prizes and Awards Working Group reviews and recommends recipients for the APS Science Awards.

To contribute your experiences, provide feedback and work with the APS to address challenges within academia, training, education and research please contact us: science@psychology.org.au     

This page was last updated 25 Aug 2017