The National office undertakes the work of the APS according to the priorities identified in the APS Strategic Plan. Staff are employed across various management, policy, project and administrative roles, with nearly a third of the staff contributing their expertise as psychologists to advocacy efforts, project delivery and the development of resources, publications, policies and guidelines. The psychologist base within the National Office also enhance attunement to, and understanding of, the aspirations, needs and concerns of APS members.

The APS National Office is based in Melbourne and is managed by the Executive Director, with oversight of day-to-day operations provided by the General Manager. The activities of the National Office are undertaken by seven units corresponding to the following key areas of business of the Society, with the areas of strategic communication, strategic development and public interest included within the Executive Director’s Office.

  • Communications
  • Corporate Services
  • Executive Director's Office
  • Member Groups
  • Professional Practice
  • Science, Education and Membership
  • APS Institute


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