The APS Workplace Excellence Award in Organisational Design aims to celebrate excellence in the application of psychology in the area of organisational effectiveness (alignment and performance) by organisations or individuals in the workplace.


  1. The APS College of Organisational Psychologists is responsible for administering the Award.
  2. The National Committee for the APS College of Organisational Psychologists will appoint a selection committee of at least three (3) members to be responsible for selecting an appropriate Award winner.
    1. The Selection Committee will be comprised of at least two Members of the APS College of Organsiational Psychologists (one of whom will lead the Selection Committee) and may include a relevant Award-topic expert.
  3. The Award will be presented annually at an APS event.


Eligible candidates for the Award can be Commercial, Not-for-Profit, non-Government, or Government-funded organisations who operate a business in Australia.

This Award in Organisational Design is recommended for organisations or individuals who have shown outstanding strategies and initiatives promoting organisational effectiveness in the workplace.

Nomination process

Eligible applicantions must present the following information through the online submission form listed on the Workplace Excellence Awards website by the due date:

  1. Summary of up to 150 words describing the program or intervention and its outcomes.
  2. A Report of up to 2,000 words detailing:
    • The issue
    • The intervention
    • The outcome of the intervention in terms of the issue
    • How the key outcomes contributed value to the organisation

The Report should address the Award criteria. It may contain up to three links to video or web references. It should be saved in PDF.

  1. Contact details and the role/position of the individual submitting the application on behalf of the organisation.
  2. A short profile of up to 50 words about the organisation.
  3. A signed statement of approval by a duly authorised representative of the organisation for the submission of the Award application

Selection criteria

The Award for Organisational Design recognises outstanding strategies and initiatives which promote improvements in organisational effectiveness (alignment and performance). Applications must show: 

  1. Innovation in design and application
  2. Utilisation of psychological knowledge
  3. Impact on the organisation
  4. Sustainability
  5. Achievement of improved efficiency and effectiveness
  6. Close integration of strategy with structure and systems 

Value of the award

The winning organisation of the APS Workplace Excellence Award in Organisational Design will receive:

  1. A certificate identifying the winner of the Award
  2. Public recognition at an Awards ceremony
  3. An invitation to attend the Awards ceremony function/event
  4. Listing of the APS website and the College of Organisational Psychologists webpage
  5. Other promotional activities as determined by the APS College of Organisational Psychologists in consultation with the APS Board/National Office

Closing date

An announcement of the opening of the Awards will be through APS email systems and the APS website. The nomination closing date will be approximately eight (8) weeks prior to the date of the Awards presentation.


2016 Telstra (Health, Safety and Environment Division)
2015 Attorney-General's Department of South Australia

Workplace Excellence Awards