The Research Award is awarded in recognition for outstanding research-based contribution to the field of Rehabilitation psychology within the past five (5) years.


  1. The Member Group is responsible for administering the Award and for funding of the Award
  2. The Rehabilitation Psychology Interest Group Committee will form a Selection Committee which will access eligible applications against the criteria of the Award
  3. The Selection Committee will provide a rationale for the proposed Award winner to the RPIG National Executive Committee which can then decide to support (or not support) the proposal and forward such to the APS Board of Directors for consideration
  4. The Selection Committee may advise the RPIG National Executive Committee not to offer an Award, if no suitable nomination is received
  5. Within any given year, the RPIG National Executive Committee may determine to offer the Award to more than one winner, and the Award prize amount will be divided between the Award winners
  6. Once the recommended candidate has been approved by the APS Board, the Award will be presented at a Rehabilitation Psychology Interest Group or other APS event.


  1. Nominees must be APS members who have been involved in research in the areas of Rehabilitation Psychology for at least five (5) years and published within the past five (5) years
  2. Nominees must hold membership of the APS Rehabilitation Psychology Interest Group
  3. Nominees must not be a current member of the Rehabilitation Psychology Interest Group Committee during the nomination and selection period for this Award

Nomination process

  1. Calls for nominations for the Rehabilitation Psychology Interest Group Research Award will be published in the June edition of InPsych and close no later than 31 June each year
  2. Call for nominations will also be made through the Member Group bulk email system in May
  3. Proposers and seconders must hold the grade of Member or Academic Member of the APS and be subscribers of the Rehabilitation Psychology Interest Group
  4. Nominations may be accepted from the nominee
  5. Nominations will be in the form of written recommendations from the referees, each of a maximum length of 300 words, which will be directly based on the selection criteria and clearly indicates meritorious research achievements
  6. Applications must include a copy at least one substantive piece of work published within the five (5) years ending immediately prior to the date the call for nominations is published in InPsych.

Selection criteria

In judging the nominations for the Rehabilitation Psychology Interest Group Research Award, the Selection Committee will assess:

  1. The scientific merit of the research, such as the research design, data collection techniques, data analyses and the discussion and research translation/implementation recommendations
  2. The contribution of the research to theory and/or practice in the field of the Rehabilitation Psychology

Value of the award

Successful candidates of the award will:

  1. Be presented with a certificate
  2. The total amount presented per year for this Award will be $500.00

Closing date

31 October 2017

Previous winners

2017 tbc