Events Calendar

About the events calendar

The APS Events Calendar is the premier place to find continuing professional development (CPD) events and other events relevant to psychologists, mental health and other allied health professionals.

The Events Calendar lists several types of CPD events:

  1. APS Institute CPD: contact 
  2. APS Member Group events: contact  
  3. APS Conferences: contact 
  4. Non APS (commercial) CPD events: contact 

For information on ways in which APS supports CPD for psychologists, please refer to APS CPD on our website.

Non-APS members, organisations and advertisers with an interest in psychology and psychological issues can submit events for inclusion in the Events Calendar.


Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Guidelines for submitting events
What is the APS Advertising Policy?

The APS Events Calendar Terms and Conditions indicate that all listings on the APS Events Calendar must be approved by the APS, with consideration of regulatory and quality requirements and expectations.

The APS reserves the right to edit event listing content for style and professional language. The APS also reserves the right to cancel or reject event listings that do not comply with the APS Advertising Policy, APS Code of Ethics or other regulatory, quality or legal requirements.

Regulatory operating environment

As the leading professional organisation for Australian psychology, the APS operates with regard to the ethical and regulatory requirements for practising psychologists, regulated health services, and education and training facilities in Australia. All listings on the APS Events Calendar must comply with the APS Code of Ethics, and relevant requirements stipulated by the Psychology Board of Australia (PsyBA) or the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Authority (AHPRA), regardless of whether or not the external advertiser is a registered psychologist.

Assessment of submissions for the Events Calendar

A summary of the key features of approved listings for the APS Events Calendar is presented below to assist with the preparation of your submission.

What are the guidelines for approved listings on the APS Events Calendar?

Summary of guidelines for approved listings on the APS Events Calendar

The listing must not contain:

  • Claims that cannot be substantiated by a body of reputable empirical research 
  • Inaccurate or misleading representation of event outcomes or the psychology-relevance of the content of an event
  • Inaccurate or misleading representation of an individual’s details or qualifications
  • Claims implying superiority of a psychologist over other psychologists
  • Claims that could induce fears in attendees if they did not attend an event
  • Information or images that are vulgar, sensational, in poor taste or that will reflect poorly on the APS or the profession of psychology
  • Sweeping statements (e.g., ‘the best in the world’) that are not able to be substantiated
  • Testimonials, defined as personal statements or recommendations from someone who has attended the same or similar event
  • The use of the word ‘specialist’ in connection with psychologist or psychology
  • Wording that in any way implies accreditation for continuing professional development hours for psychologists. (An acceptable example is: 'This event represents x CPD hours')


Submitting an event
How do I get an event on the calendar?
  1. APS Member Group Committee members:
  2. APS members: Log into the Events Calendar with your APS website login details
    Non-APS members: Register an account for the Events Calendar, or log in with your existing account details
  3. Once logged in, go to the Submit an event tab
  4. Enter the details of the event. APS Member Group committee members will need to select the type of event they are submitting (i.e. APS Member Group event or non-APS Member Group event ).
  5. If needed add an attachment, such as a flyer or registration form that can be downloaded. One (1) document can be added. Accepted formats are .doc, .docx, .rtf and .pdf. The maximum file size is 2Mb.
  6. Preview your event. If all details are correct, Submit your event for approval.
  7. Enter payment details (if applicable). See Payment below for further information.

Please note the following important points:

  • Listing start date: this is the date your event first appears on the Events Calendar and must be at least seven (7) days after the date of submission
  • Event start date(s): this refers to the date, or dates, your event starts. It must be the same as, or later than, the listing start date.
  • Duplicate entries are not approved. Before you submit an event, please search the calendar to ensure that the event is not already listed.
  • Submissions are approved within seven (7) calendar days.
  • Some fields have word/character limits. Where detailed information about an event is found on the organiser's website or within a flyer, there is no need to repeat this within your event submission; a summary and an attachment or link to the website is enough. Duplicated information is removed from the submission.
Can I include different venues / dates in the one event submission ?

Yes. A single event listing must have at least one location and date (except online and webinar events that don’t have locations). The same event can also have up to five (5) additional locations/dates at $50 each. Additional locations/dates can only be added during the submission process, they cannot be added after the event has been submitted/approved. So a single event can have up to a maximum of six (6) locations/dates. Refer to the Price List below for the pricing options available.


How much does it cost to include an event on the calendar?
  • APS Member Group events: Free
  • APS members (non-APS Member Group event): Refer to the Price List below for the APS member discounted pricing. APS members advertising their own events enter payment details at the end of the submission process.
  • Non-APS members / advertisers: Refer to the Price List below for non-APS member / advertiser pricing. Non-APS members and advertisers submitting events enter payment details at the end of the submission process.
  • Each event submission can include up to six (6) instances (location/date) of the one event listing. Refer to the Price List below for the pricing options available (no charges are payable for APS Member Group events).
  • Please note: Payment is by credit card only. Credit cards accepted: Visa, MasterCard and AMEX
Prices to advertise on the calendar

The fees below include one event listing with a location and date. You can add extra locations and/or dates for the listed event for an additional fee of $50 per location and/or date, up to a maximum of five (5) additional locations and/or dates for the listed event.

Price List

Months*  APS Member
(inc. GST)
Non-APS Member
(inc. GST)
1 $62 $93
2 $124 $185
3 $185 $278
4 $247 $371
5 $278 $417
6 $309 $463
7 $340 $510
8 $371 $556
9 $386 $582
10 $402 $608
11 $417 $633
12 $433 $659

* 1 month = 30 days


Event approval
How long before my event is approved?
  • APS Member Group events: Events submitted on behalf of APS Member Groups are approved within seven (7) calendar days. Please email queries to
  • APS members (non-APS Member Group event): Events submitted by APS members are approved within seven (7) calendar days. Please email queries to
  • Non-APS members / advertisers: Events submitted by non-APS members or advertisers are approved within seven (7) calendar days. Please email queries to
How do I know when my event is approved?

All events are approved, subject to the APS Events Calendar Terms and Conditions, within seven (7) calendar days. The submitter receives an email upon approval.

When does my event appear on the Events Calendar?

Once approved, events appear on the Events Calendar on the listing start date specified in the submission form.

Why can’t I see my event on the Events Calendar?

There are a number of reasons why an event may not show on the Events Calendar:

  • The event submission is still under review. Events are approved within seven (7) calendar days of submission.
  • The event submission was reviewed and not approved. In this instance, the submitter receives an email from one of the following addresses:
  • The event submission is approved but the listing is not active. Approved events appear on the calendar from the listing start date to the listing end date, as specified by the submitter at the time the event was submitted.


CPD Approval
Can my event get APS CPD approval?

General CPD:
No. The APS does not approve events for general CPD hours. It is up to the individual psychologist to assess an event against the requirements of their individual learning plan.

Registered psychologists are required to complete a set number of continuing professional development (CPD) hours as a requirement of ongoing registration. There is no accreditation or approval process for CPD for psychologists, but rather individual psychologists must be able to justify selection of particular CPD according to their individual learning needs.

Therefore, promotional material must not in any way imply accreditation for CPD hours for psychologists (acceptable example: ‘This event represents x CPD hours’).


Registration support
Can I request APS assistance with online registration for my event?
  • APS Member Group events: Yes. The APS Member Groups Team can provide online registration support. Contact: 
  • Non-APS Member Group events: No. The APS is unable to assist with registration support for non-APS Member Group events.


Updating events after submission
Can I change details of my event?

Some event details can be changed after submission. To update event details:

  1. Log into the Events Calendar with your APS login or website account details. Your personal ‘dashboard’ Manage events, showing all events currently approved or under approval, is displayed.
  2. From your Manage events dashboard, select the event you wish to update.
  3. Non-APS Member Group events:
    • Before approval - Only the event organiser details can be updated by the submitter
    • After approval - The following details can be updated by the submitter: Event organiser details, CPD hours, cost, event website URL, online registration URL, attachments, notes, location(s) and dates.