Focus on psychological health to improve the workplace

Introducing the APS Psychologically Healthy Workplace Program

A new program developed by the Australian Psychological Society is set to assist organisations to improve employee wellbeing, productivity and engagement.

The APS Psychologically Healthy Workplace Program is built on an extensive evidence-base demonstrating the key factors that exist in psychologically healthy, well-functioning organisations, including supportive leadership, employee engagement, role clarity, learning, development and growth opportunities, appraisal and recognition, and work demands.

“Research shows that the wellbeing, productivity and engagement of employees is critical to their success.  From consultation, we know that organisations are crying out for better ways to manage and engage staff that both promote their wellbeing and enhance outcomes,” says Executive Director of the APS Professor Lyn Littlefield.

 “The APS Psychologically Healthy Workplace Program is based on decades of the best workplace psychological research and will be a solution for organisations.”

The APS Psychologically Healthy Workplace Program will set a standard by which organisations can benchmark themselves against research-based best practice measures, and access a range of solutions and resources to continue to improve their performance.

“Research shows that psychologically healthy organisations are successful ones,” Professor Littlefield said.

The importance of a psychologically healthy workplace will be discussed in Perth this week at the 47th APS Annual Conference.

Expressions of Interest: The APS is currently seeking expressions of interest from organisations that wish to learn more about the program. To learn more, contact: 


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