Psychology Board of Australia supervisor training requirements

In 2013, the Psychology Board of Australia (PsyBA) introduced new supervisor training requirements that apply to all psychologists who provide supervision for provisional registrants undertaking the 4+2 and 5+1 internships, the registrar program, and higher degree placements. All of these supervisors must be PsyBA-approved supervisors.

Supervisors who did not gain PsyBA-approved status under the transition arrangements must undertake full PsyBA-approved supervisor training in order to become an approved supervisor. The APS Institute is a PsyBA-approved training provider delivering all components of the full supervisor training.

PsyBA-approved supervisor training entails at least 20 hours of training presented in three distinct, stipulated component parts:

  • Knowledge assessment; 
  • Face-to-face skills-based training; and 
  • Competency-based assessment and evaluation.

The three parts may be undertaken with different PsyBA-approved training providers but must be completed sequentially. Psychologists wishing to undertake the training must meet other eligibility criteria for PsyBA approval, and training providers are required to supply participant outcome data to the PsyBA after the completion of each training component.

Existing PsyBA-approved supervisors must undertake further approved training every five years by completing a 6-hour supervision refresher/master class to update their knowledge and skills. The APS Institute is a PsyBA-approved provider of refresher/master class training.

For more information on the PsyBA supervisor training requirements, go to the PsyBA website.

Knowledge assessment, Part 1

This first part of supervisor training takes the form of an online course on the knowledge component of supervisor training. 

Enrol for Knowledge Assessment, Part 1

Skills-based training, Part 2

This second part of supervisor training takes the form of a 2-day face to face skills training workshop.

Registrations now open

Sydney Friday 17 – Saturday 18 March Craig Gonsalvez
Hobart Thursday 23 - Friday 24 March Mark Donovan
Melbourne Friday 28 – Saturday 29 April Kerryn Velleman
Perth Thursday 11 – Friday 12 May Mark Donovan
Adelaide Friday 12 – Saturday 13 May Caroline Tennyson
Brisbane Friday 12 – Saturday 13 May Craig Gonsalvez
Darwin Friday 2 – Saturday 3 June Caroline Tennyson

Delivery of workshops is dependent on there being sufficient registrations to make individual workshops viable.

Competency-based assessment and evaluation, Part 3

The third and final part of supervisor training involves online submission of a multimedia record of a supervision session and other supervision activities.

Enrol for Competency-based assessment and evaluation, Part 3

Master classes, Part 4

6-hour face to face intensive training workshop for existing supervisors seeking to maintain Board-approved supervisor status after five years post initial approval.

Registrations now open

Melbourne Friday, March 3 Matthew Berry
Sydney Saturday, March 4 Mark Donovan
Brisbane Saturday, March 11 Matthew Berry
Launceston Saturday, 25 March Mark Donovan
Sydney Saturday, April 1 Mark Donovan
Melbourne Friday, May 5 Matthew Berry
Perth Saturday, 13 May Mark Donovan
Adelaide Saturday, 3 June Matthew Berry

Delivery of workshops is dependent on there being sufficient registrations to make individual master class workshops viable.

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